Art and Politics

What a marvelous thing when our thoughts, issues and problems are expressed by a brush . What a marvelous magic world could be created by the hand of an artist to get the aim in greatest and shortest way. Our rights , duties , hopes, desires all of these could be expressed by a brush , moved and colored by the artist fingers , emotion & conscience where all agreed to protect the human rights.

So the Independent Iraqi Woman Organization thought to publish the democratic thoughts and call for protecting human rights by using Art to replace darkness by light, terrorism by peace and hate by love.

Iraqi citizen including the woman especially need to get information to express her opinion after what she had suffered where no way else but the Art.

Expressing the suffering of Iraqi citizen and his need to live securely and safely by making a constitution by creating banners and posters by the greatest artists in Iraq and to put them in fair halls and to hold a suitable public conversation about each banner or poster to well express the need of Iraqi people to live in peace within a constitutional state .

Wherever, the modern Iraqi history missed the method to mix the political culture with plastic art to reach of creation the Constitutional and Law state through Art by all kinds and classes of Iraqi people , where when every one who see the banner or the mentioned poster will know the great aims of Iraqi new created society , and the democracy will be understood in transparent way by every one who seek for better way of life .