Minister of Culture inaugurate Independent Iraqi Woman Organization 's Exhibition


Under the title of ( Our political culture through the brush of an artist ) an exhibition of political posters and art works expressing women issues was held by Independent Iraqi Woman Organization (IIWO). on 15/5/2006 at Al Wassity hall in The Ministry of Culture, Mr Noory Al Rawee ( Minister of Culture ) inaugurated this exhibition which included 35 art works done by Iraqi global greatest artists in different subjects such as Terrorism fighting , Guaranteeing women rights in constitution , Guaranteeing rights or various ethnic groups in constitution , Constitution for all , Reconciliation , peace , Conflict resolution , Rights of marginalized women ,Guaranteeing rights of handicapped women , women rights in personal status law & other subjects concerning women issues & human rights . This was the final exhibition through a series of exhibitions executed by ( IIWO ) in Babil hotel , art halls , colleges , institutes & schools . 25 artists participated in designing these posters & artworks . Some of them are pioneers & great artists such as :

Dr Qahtan Al Madfaay

Shaddad Abdul Qahhar

Fadia Muhammad Yass

Nadia Muhammad Yass

Hassan Al Nassar

Waleed Al Jaberry

Wissam Zacco

Vian Sora

Abdul Kareem Khalil

Najim Al Qaisy

Allaa Ismaiel

Nahla Al Nuaimy

Zainab Abdul Kareem

Taha Ohaib

Muhannad Al Hialee

Tamooz Muhammad

Haydar Ali

And other artists



Independent Iraqi Woman Organization held a number of exhibitions which have a political flavor , where many of Iraqi artistss had been invited to present their works by posters of politics or such banners which their subjects are the Iraqi situation now where their aims are to show love culture, peace culture, how to make the democracy and reconciliation between various Iraqi groups.. etc.

Three exhibitions had been held as well as many small exhibitions held in schools, institutes and universities and also in special halls for plastic art exhibitions .

Our Iraqi well known artists were invited to these exhibitions to present their works , also we invited a public presented by political, media , artists persons , also the invitation was open to the public. The discussion was open between all participants and public about the posters and their themes.

This activity encouraged to create an ambient of competition between artists to make them more creatively which will result in a good mental communications between participants to be reflected on Iraqi society .