First Exhibition

The first exhibition had been executed at 8 th Oct.2005 at Babel Hotel in Baghdad , where 6 different designs of posters showed done by 6 of Iraqi global greatest artists. Each of them explain his design and the aims of each poster . Discussion was made between artists and invited public about these designs of posters . Election was made to select the poster which has the greatest impact of these posters , the result is to publish it , the winner was Mrs. Fadia Muhammad Yass.

The works also had been showed in different halls , schools, institutes and universities .

Artist who joined the first exhibition :

•  Mr. Shaddad Abdul Qahhar , his subject was about The woman rights in constitution .

•  Mr. Hassan Al Nassar , his subject was about Fighting terrorism .

•  Mrs. Fadia Muhammad Yass, her subject was about The Iraqi people rights in constitution

•  Mrs. Nadia Muhammad Yass, her subject was about to stop violence against woman.

•  Mr. Taha Ohaib, his subject was about The Child rights in constitution

•  Mr. Hayder Ali , his subject was about Guaranteeing All Iraqi rights from various ethnic groups in constitution .

Also the exhibition includes more discussion about the quota and its importance during this period , the qualification of women in the parliament are they active as required or not.

A stressed discussion was made about wearing women the Islamic dress . Mr. Dr. Hussien Al Hindawee , chief of Higher Election Association explained some matters about the election and the constitution , also
Mrs Najiha Abdu Ameer , member of parliament, explained some things which done during the works of constitution committee and how be agreed between the different parties .

Politics , lawmen and many active people explained different international pact where Iraq interested in . Mrs Hana'a Edwar the chief of Iraqi Women Network and the head of Al Amal Association in Iraqi insisted on the role of Woman struggle till she got 25% of Iraqi parliament chairs .




Independent Iraqi Woman Organization

Exhibitions of Political Posters and Discussion Rounds

First Exhibition


Poster Theme

Artist Name

Poster NO.

Violence Rejection

Nadia Muhammad Yass


Terrorism Fighting

Hassan Al Nassar


Guaranteeing Women Rights In Constitution

Shaddad Abdul Qahhar


Guaranteeing Child Rights In Constitution

Taha Ohaib


Guaranteeing Rights Of Various Ethnic Groups In Constitution

Hayder Ali


Constitution For All

Fadia Muhammad Yass




Nadia M.yass
Hasan nassar
Shadad A.khar
Taha Whaib
Haidar Ali
Fadia M.yass