Second Exhibition


The Second exhibition had been executed at 3 rd Dec.2005 at Babel Hotel in Baghdad

Artists who joined the second exhibition :

•  Mrs. Fadia Muhammad Yass, her subject was about The Woman rights in elections.

•  Mrs. Nahla Al Nuaimy , her subject was about Violence Rejection.

•  Mr. Shaddad abdul Qahhar , his subject was about The Human rights in equalized, just elections.

•  Mrs. Nadia Muhammad Yass, her subject was about Reconciliation, Peace and Conflict Resolution .

•  Mr. Wisaam Zacco , his subject was about The woman and life , The woman's hope to get her rights .

•  Mr. Najim Al Qaisy , his subject was about The Rights of the Working woman at different working sites .


One of the most important subjects that were discussed at the second exhibition which held before the election time , is Iraqi woman brave enough to present her own election list? and the amendments which should be done to constitution at the next 4 months and about peace and reconciliation .

Many people participated in this exhibition & discussion rounds, Mr. Tariq Harb , Mr. Fasal Al Guood, presedent 2 nd nominee , Dr. Khamees Al Badree . Heads and Members of Civil society organizations .

The winner poster was designed by Mrs Fadia Muhammad Yass, this poster published and distributed in Baghdad and many Iraqi provinces.

All the participants in this exhibition were delighted to attend this kind of social activities .

Independent Iraqi Woman Organization

Exhibitions of Political Posters and Discussion Rounds





Second Exhibition


Poster Theme

Artist Name

Poster NO.

Women Rights in Elections & Equality

Fadia Muhammad Yass


Guaranteeing Working Women Rights

Najim Alqaisy


Human Rights in Fair Election , Freedom & Equality

Shaddad Abdul Qahhar


Violence Rejection

Nahla Al Nuaimy


Woman's Hope to get her rights

Wissam Zacco


Peace & Reconciliation

Nadia Muhammad Yass




Fadia M.yass
Najim Alkaisi
Shadad A.kahar
Nahala Aln'ime
Wissam Zacco
nadia m.yass